Industrial and Commercial Distributed System Solutions

Thanks to its prolonged intensive engagement in the industrial and commercial distributed PV area, Jinko Power has developed a strong ability to adapt to PV system scenarios, having gathered broad experience in applications for schools, tunnels, logistics parks, commercial centers, parking sheds, factory buildings, service areas, etc. Jinko is committed to building a smart distributed energy ecosystem, providing all kinds of users with efficient, smart and safe clean energy experience. As of September 30, 2021, the Company ran more than 262 distributed power plants with a cumulative grid-connected capacity of nearly 1 GW, staying firmly in the forefront of China's PV power plant development and operation industry.

Factory building roof
Commercial buildings
Warehousing & logistics
Data center
Public facilities
5G base stations
Perfect fit, safe & reliable, more profitable

Adaptation to local conditions

Clean and efficient

Dispersed layout
Core Superiorities

Diversified investment and financing channels to guarantee investment implementation

Abundant technical solutions to solve complex roof problems in a targeted manner

Rational distribution network planning and connection capabilities ensure high proportion of local consumption

Success Stories
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