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Jinko Power Technology Co., Ltd.

As a leading clean energy supplier and service provider, Jinko Power Technology Co., Ltd. (601778.SH), with the mission of “changing the energy structure and taking responsibility for the future”, is engaged in three major sectors: power plant development, power plant services, and energy services. covering PV power generation project investment, development, operation, power plant asset management and transfer transactions, EPC, smart O&M and life-cycle entrusted management of power plants, distributed energy contract management, incremental distribution grid, power sales, green power supply for parks, PV + storage off-grid services, PV + multi-energy integrated energy services, etc.


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Development Strategy

Jinko Power has been promoting new production, new service, new business and new value based on low-carbon, distributed and digital PV and other new energy sources. With its state-of-the-art technology in PV power generation, Jinko is the largest private company of PV power in terms of number of successful bids and cumulative capacity in the third batch of Pacemaker programs in China.

With our faith and commitment to a greener world, our international team has today grown from a petite development operation to a highly competitive investor in international renewable energy markets, with a fully-fledged and professional team with world class capability for pipeline creation, project development, financing, and EPC/supply chain management. With over 3 GW of overseas projects under development or construction, including a 2.1 GW project in Abu Dhabi awarded in 2020, which set a new record for the world's largest standalone power plant and lowest electricity price set by the same team several years ago.

Resources Integration

In addition to maintaining its dominance in the industry of PV power generation through research and development, Jinko Power places particular emphasis on the future power systems and digital applications. Based on the envisioned model for the future energy portfolio, Jinko is making actively attempts for the future energy systems , including client data, regional energy O&M optimization and smart cities.

Through its products, technologies and services, Jinko delivers value to its customers in a manner of growing out of nothing. With its strengths in PV power and energy and its core competency of global resource integration, Jinko collaborates with partners to seize the opportunity of power reform to make rapid response to market demand and innovate business models and service models, keeps pace with times and strives to be a leading platform-based, data-driven clean energy service company.

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