Source-grid-load-storage Integration

As an operation model that includes “power supply, grid, load and energy storage”, the source-grid-load-storage solution precisely controls the interruptible social load and energy storage resources, improves the safe operation of the grid and solves such problems as grid volatility during clean energy consumption.

By optimizing and integrating local source-side, grid-side and load-side resource elements, the source-grid-load-storage integration is supported by advanced technologies such as energy storage and institutional mechanism innovation, aiming at safety, eco-friendliness, and efficiency to innovate the modes of power production and consumption and achieve intensive synergy of source, grid, load and storage.

Integration of New Energy Consumption

The new PV wind power generation
suits the demand of power consumers for electricity

The new energy output matches
the controlled operation of adjustable loads

The peaking capacity of the distribution grid matches with
the energy storage capacity of the electrochemical storage for thermoelectric load regulation
Operation Model Roadmap
  • 01

    Acquisition and statistics of a variety of energy consumption data on the user side

  • 02

    Comprehensive analysis of users’ carbon emission behavior characteristics

  • 03

    Display and analyze the comprehensive situation of carbon emissions and new energy utilization from two perspectives, carbon value and green value

  • 04

    Build the decision-making optimization carbon emission prediction model from the perspective of carbon reduction path

  • 05

    Users are portrayed in a full dimension to form a "carbon profile" of the enterprises

  • 06

    Help the governments and parks (enterprises) more accurately grasp the general profile of carbon emissions

Specific Model
Regional (provincial) source-grid-load-storage integration

Introduce the source, load and independent energy storage entities to open up market-oriented transactions; improve the enthusiasm of user side for peaking; strengthen the unified dispatching of the whole grid by relying on 5G and other modern communication and intelligent technologies.

City-level (County-level) Source-grid-load-storage Integration

Key cities are expected to carry out the development of local strong power grids, study cogeneration and new-energy power plants, and perform flexible operation of electric-heat loads integration.

Park-level (Residential Area-level) Source-grid-load-storage Integration

Mobilize the regulation response capabilities using the "Internet+" model based on modern information and communication, big data, artificial intelligence, energy storage, etc.; rely on PV power generation, grid-connected microgrids and charging infrastructures to carry out construction in commercial areas, complexes and residential areas

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