Jinko Power Announces PPA Signing for Tabarjal 400 MW Solar PV Project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Shanghai,   China-   November  7th,   2023-   Jinko    Power    Technology   Co.,    Ltd (601778.SH),   (the   “Company”)   or   “JinkoPower”   is   pleased   to   announce   the successful  signing  of  Power  Purchase  Agreement  (PPA)  with  the  Saudi  Power Procurement  Company  (SPPC)  for  the  Tabarjal  400  MW  Solar  PV  Project  (the “Project”), under the Round 4 of National Renewable Energy Program (NREP).

 This is an important step forward for Jinko Power’s strategy to grow business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) in addition to its first project, 

SAAD 300  MWac, which was awarded  in 2022  and  is  currently  under  construction.  With  this  latest addition, Jinko Power's total portfolio of projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia now stands at 700  MWp  in terms of net  MWs  awarded /currently  under construction, which  makes  it  one  of  the  leading  developer  in  the  Kingdom  renewable  energy market.

The Project is located approximately 17 km northeast of the city of Tabarjal, in the Al- Jouf Province, KSA. Electricity generated from the Project will be acquired by SPPC   through a 25-year PPA. The construction is scheduled to spread over 2024 to 2025.

The plant will use bifacial solar panels, the latest technology that will receive solar irradiation  on  both  the  front  and  backside  of  the  panels,  thus  increasing  energy generation  efficiency.  Once  operational,  the  plant  is  expected  to  reduce  KSA’s CO2 emissions by more than [717] thousand metric tons per year.

“We are delighted to continue our successful track record in the Kingdom 

of Saudi Arabia with our second successful tender submission in a span of 3 years since we entered into the KSA,

” Charles Bai, President of JinkoPower International Business said.“This award underpins our commitment to the Kingdom’s renewable energy roadmap 

and I look forward to a successful development and construction of this portfolio of projects. 

We would like to thank SPPC and Ministry of Energy for a fair and  efficient  tendering  process  paving  the  way  for  international  developers  like.

ourselves to enter and thrive in the market. We are keenly looking for future pipeline projects  given  its  massive  potential,  as  well  as  strategic  alignment  towards decarbonisation and renewable energy generation in the Kingdom,” he added.

Mothana Qteishat, Vice-President of JinkoPower International Business, said,

“We are extremely pleased that JinkoPower has achieved a 100% track record with respect  to  our  participation  in  tenders  in  the  Kingdom  of  Saudi  Arabia,  having participated in and won two tenders. 

With Tabarjal and Saad projects, JinkoPower shall own 700MW in the kingdom. 

The achievement of financial close for the SAAD project and signing of the PPA for the Tabarjal project shall cement our foundations in KSA and allow for many further successes in the Kingdom.”

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About Jinko Power

Founded  in 2011, Jinko  Power  is a well-known global  IPP  that develops, builds, finances, owns and operates solar power plants. We strive to make solar the most sustainable and competitive source of energy worldwide.

As of June 2023, the company has owned and connected over 4 GW solar projects in China and over 4.2 GW of solar projects operating or under construction globally. We  manage a  large international  portfolio of assets ,  including the world's largest solar plant under operation that we partially took part in. We are developing a global pipeline of GW scaled projects in our key markets including China, the Middle East, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific.


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