Energy Storage

Depending on application scenario, Jinko Power provides all types of customers with tailored energy storage system solutions, including power energy storage system integration solutions, industrial and commercial energy storage system integration solutions, and household energy storage systems. Moreover, Jinko Power satisfies the requirements for auxiliary new energy grid connection, frequency and peak regulation, demand-side response, microgrids, etc., making every effort for safer and more efficient energy flows.

Industrial Energy Storage
Large-scale Energy Storage
Building Energy Storage
Household Energy Storage
Our Strengths
The modular energy storage system flexibly matches various scenarios
Support multi-mode operation to increase revenue
The incorporation of the cloud technology supports 24x7 remote monitoring
Success Stories
The 90 MW PV Power Generation Project of Jinko Power in Xinyuan County, Ili Prefecture, Xinjiang Autonomous Region

The project is furnished with a 5.308 MWh energy storage system comprising 2 2.654 MWh battery energy storage containers and 1 35 kV/2.5 MVA energy storage conversion boost system. Each battery energy storage container unit is composed of 16 165.89 kWh battery cabinets, junction cabinets, power distribution cabinets, as well as battery management system (BMS), and the auxiliary systems of distribution, environmental control, fire protection, illumination, etc. inside the container; the battery container is 40 feet in size.

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