Household System

Household PV systems adhere to the principles of “nearby power generation, nearby grid connection, nearby conversion and nearby consumption”, and the electricity generated can be consumed by household system owners, while the surplus electricity can be connected to the grid for sale; alternatively, it’s possible to sell all the electricity generated. Going green can also create a green economy.

As a nationwide household platform, Jinko Power works with competent market development partners in each region to provide end-users with a full range of one-stop services including system survey, type selection, design, installation, grid connection, operation and maintenance. Formulating power generation scenario-specific solutions to help customers achieve higher returns.

Our Strengths

Differentiated to meet the needs of various users for financial services

Standardized construction ensures a rigorous and reliable delivery process

Development and Reform registration service provides household PV systems with technical support for grid connection

Designing the optimal power generation scenarios to guarantee structural safety

The smart cloud platform offers 24x7 reliable efficient O&M services

Cooperation Model
Entrusted management

Users entrust Jinko Power to offer "one-stop” entrusted operation services for their power plants, which are principally for the O&M of extensive rooftop systems in whole villages, communities and parks.


Jinko Power provides the equipment, development and installation on all-round basis, and covers the investment and O&M costs of power plants; users are allowed to rent and install the systems and share the revenue from power generation.

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