Centralized Power Plant System Solutions

Adhering to the concept of “site-specific rational planning”, the Company takes into account the geographical environment, climate and public facilities of each project based on its excellent development strength, large-scale procurement and technological leadership to provide life-cycle overall solutions covering project development and investment, system research and development, design and construction, operation and management of all kinds of centralized power plants. Ensuring that the asset value of power plants is maximized and the return on investment is further enhanced.

Desert PV projects
Agriculture-solar hybrid projects
Fishery-solar hybrid projects
Water-surface PV projects
Mountain PV projects
Perfect fit, safe & reliable, more profitable

Rational optimization of initial investment

Improvement in system power generation

Smart O&M management
Our Strengths
Why Jinko?
Professional project development team

The development side of the Company has nearly 10 years of development experience both at home and abroad, and its PV power plant construction capabilities are highly recognized by the industry. Ranked first among the third private enterprises under the Top Runner Program in 2017 in terms of the total number of project bids won.

Industry-leading design institute

Provide the most professional power plant design solutions by taking into account the natural environment and the business model of each project during its design.

Standardized control of the entire process

The process-wide control is achieved in construction, supply chain management, quality supervision, acceptance assessment and grid connection support during power plant development to ensure each project is successfully implemented.

All scenarios of PV + application

Gathered broad practical experience in various PV+ application scenarios such as PV + agriculture, fishery, desert control, livestock farming and ecological restoration.

Success Stories
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