Smart O&M
Jinko O&M

With nearly 10 years of experience in PV plant O&M, Jinko O&M runs 2 remote intelligent centralized control centers in Shanghai and Haining. The Company has a full range of technical solutions for various complex application scenarios for PV+. The Company's own design and O&M teams offer O&M response to roof reinforcement solutions through fire protection to water-proofing and electrical servicing, etc., escorting PV plants throughout China with the radiant energy of its 24 central stations all over the country.


Professional O&M technicians


Power plant (the number)


Size of operation-managed power plants

Life-cycle | Big Data Technology

The overall performance of power plants are improved by introducing the systems of power plant test & assessment, fault identification & diagnosis, automatic submission of request for repair, plant safety management, requirements for standardized spare supplies and parts, etc. The application of big data technology and smart analytics platform provides the PV plants all over the world with one-stop life-cycle smart O&M solutions, supporting the power plant efficiency improvements, power plant financing, and integrated market-oriented electricity trading with real data.

Distributed Electricity Bill Settlement Module

The "distributed electricity bill settlement" feature developed by the Centralized Control Center of Jinko O&M deals with such O&M scenarios as power generation viewing, meter reading, electricity list and electricity bill generation, etc. throughout distribution power plants; the online-offline integration enables all-scenario support and data tracking, which further intensifies the information-based management of Jinko O&M.

The O&M staff of power plants can now automatically generate the "electricity confirmation form" based on meter reading cycles; owners are also allowed to view the power generation data in real time through the applets so that the online confirmation of electricity form with owners is available; moreover, the O&M personnel are allowed to adjust the data.

Authoritative Certification | Guaranteed Strength

In May 2020, the "Changxiao agriculture-solar hybrid project" of Jinko Power was rated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China as a "smart PV pilot demonstration project". In June 2020, TüV Rheinland, a leading international provider of technical services, awarded the TüV Rheinland O&M Service Provider Certificate and the Quality Pass (O&M Service Provider Rating Service) AA Certificate to the Company, based on its recognition of the Company's power plant O&M service capabilities.

Advantages in O&M
Professional O&M Teams
  • 90% of the workforce is from the power sector
  • Extensive experience in O&M
  • Strong site management capabilities
  • Full O&M qualifications
Broad O&M Service Layout
  • Over 110 field O&M sites
  • Dispersed over 24 provinces/municipalities/autonomous regions
  • On-site O&M services available in a timely manner and in close proximity
Massive Time-control Data of Power Plant
  • Support plant improvement
  • plant financing, and integrated market-oriented electricity trading with real data
Superiorities in System Management
  • Proven operation management system
  • Well-established qualification capabilities support efficient management of power plants
  • SGS Tri-System Certification
Intelligent Application
  • Patrol inspection with the "Jinko Wings" UAVs
  • Efficient robots
  • Cleaning solutions, etc.
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