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Jinko Power Technology Co., Ltd.

As a leading clean energy supplier and service provider, Jinko Power Technology Co., Ltd. (601778.SH), with the mission of “changing the energy structure and taking responsibility for the future”, is engaged in three major sectors: power plant development, power plant services, and energy services. covering PV power generation project investment, development, operation, power plant asset management and transfer transactions, EPC, smart O&M and life-cycle entrusted management of power plants, distributed energy contract management, incremental distribution grid, power sales, green power supply for parks, PV + storage off-grid services, PV + multi-energy integrated energy services, etc.



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Offer one-stop clean energy solutions and turn into a benchmark in the industry

Jinko is committed to zero-carbon emission clean power energy production and supply, and to the whole society's energy conservation & emission reduction and utilization of PV energy, having been providing the society with large-scale high-quality and high-efficiency sustainable clean energy products and services based on its overall insights into the development of clean energy technologies.


Change the energy structure and take responsibility for the future

Every kWh of electricity generated, every project constructed and every strategic decision made by Jinko conveys its responsibility and dedication to its green mission.

Core Values

Customer-oriented; contributor-based; constant alignment to innovation; pragmatic and practical

Jinko embraces employees and partners who share the same values, the same philosophy and the same energy goodliness


In 2022, Officially entered the wind power market;
Launched its household photovoltaic system brand
Jinko Family.


Successfully issued convertible bonds amounting to RMB 3 billion in 2021


Debuted on the A-share capital market in May 2020, becoming the first private PV power company listed on the A-share market


Awarded the tender for the first “Super Pacemaker” project in China;

Awarded 182.5 MW in the renewable auction held by the Spanish Government


Completed the second round of strategic investor financing;

Top-1 private company in the third batch of Pacemaker Programs in terms of the number of bids won and the capacity


Held power plants of over 1,000 MW;

International Business launched


Completed the first round of strategic investor financing


Cumulatively connected over 10 power plants with a gross installed capacity of more than 200 MW to the grid


Jinko Power was established in Shangrao, Jiangxi Province, and the first PV power plant was completed and connected to the grid



The Jinko Talent Program is a tailor-made talent development program for outstanding fresh graduates, aiming to develop the Company's key employees and business backbones. Through a year-long all-round training program, Jinko helps its employees adapt to their environment, stimulate their potential, enhance their abilities, and gain access to a fast track of career development.


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