PV Hydrogen Production
PV + Hydrogen Production

With the transformation of China's energy sources to green and low-carbon sources, hydrogen energy has also seen rapid development. The "PV + hydrogen production" pattern will effectively break the bottlenecks of renewable energy development such as the problems in consumption. It also addresses the high cost of hydrogen production and green production.

Advantages in PV-assisted Hydrogen Production

Smooth out the instability of PV power generation, and
largely alleviate "solar abandonment”

Storage Energy Efficiency

Energy storage across days,
weeks and or even months and quarters at a lower cost than chemical energy storage
Division of PV + Hydrogen Solution

Jinko Power runs a specialized Division of PV + Hydrogen Solution to provide all kinds of customers with solutions of hydrogen production from renewable energy. The Company has entered into a full range of partnerships with global customers who are technology leaders in hydrogen production. Regarding the in-depth study, engineering, construction and O&M of PV-powered hydrogen production project, the Company will customize the system solutions to various requirements.

Jinko Power collaborates with partners to enter the field of PV hydrogen production; deploy R&D and create demonstration projects; make concerted efforts to innovate PV application models and improve the utilization efficiency of flexible power supplies.

Cooperation Model

PV-powered hydrogen production project development

Equity investment

Incorporation of joint ventures


Air Products

Kyln Technology

Field of Research
Advanced PEM electrolytic Hydrogen Production Technology
Integration of Renewable Energy with Electrolytic Hydrogen Production
Improve the utilization of hydrogen production equipment
Hydrogen Production System Optimization
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