Virtual Power Plant

Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is a power coordination management system that aggregates, coordinates and optimizes various resources scattered in the grid, such as distributed power, energy storage and load, through edge intelligence and IoT technologies, in order to participate in the electricity market and grid operation as a special power plant, which can be interpreted as a huge “battery bank”.

Jinko Power's Virtual Power Plant Solutions
Virtual power plant

Jinko Power aggregates one or more resources by means of a "virtual power plant" with adjustable (interruptible) loads, energy storage, electric vehicles and distributed power sources to achieve autonomous coordination and optimal control within the project site's power grid, creating favorable conditions for the subsequent participation of the distribution grid as the main body in power system operation and power market trading. In the future, the virtual power plants can serve as “positive power plants” to supply power to the system for peak regulation, and as “negative power plants” to increase load consumption to match the system for valley filling.

Model characteristics of virtual power plants

Automated communication at all levels

Standardized open interfaces

High scalability, high availability, and real-time operational management

Short project implementation cycle
Virtual Power Plant Solutions

Virtual power plants alleviate the impact of distributed energy sources on the public grid and improve the stability and reliability of the grid by aggregating various types of distributed energy sources and power equipment through advanced control, metering and communication technologies, and optimizing the coordinated operation of multiple distributed energy sources through a higher-level software architecture.

Virtual power plants can effectively integrate new energy-generated electricity storage, combine it with traditional energy sources and intelligently coordinate them to achieve intelligent power output. The proposed virtual power plants provide a viable solution to ensure a safe, reliable, high-quality and efficient power supply to meet the diverse needs of economic and social development for electricity and to address energy and environmental issues.

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